Thursday, July 1, 2010

How To Make Your Blog Stand Out And Be Noticed? Be Quirky, Fabulous YOU.

So I was talking with my friend David this week about his so-far pretty serious Men's Family Law blog, and separately, he told me this funny story about how he had put out a press release with an offer of a free prenuptual and eventual free divorce to Raiders Quarterback Kyle Boller - given that on July 2nd Boller is set to marry Carrie Prejean, the anti-gay marriage-ousted-Miss-California who wasn't quite able to keep up the "traditional" values she spouted about...

SANTA MONICA, CA – Internationally recognized family law attorney and gay rights activist David Pisarra, who specializes in representing Husbands and Fathers ( in divorce and custody hearings, is offering to provide Raiders Quarterback Kyle Boller a free prenuptial agreement, and to represent him throughout any divorce proceedings from his betrothed, the infamous Carrie Prejean who lost her Miss California crown for breach of her duties.

I thought the press release was LOL funny, and I asked him if it was something he'd put on his blog.

He hadn't... But happily, he has now.

And it IS funny. Go read it, and come on back!

What I learned from our conversation is that the quirkier and more unique we allow our blogs to be - the more they reflect who we are - and the more appealing our blogs will be to our readers.

So David, congrats on putting the free divorce offer story up on your blog!

And for the rest of us - let's remember to be our quirky, funny, selves. It makes for great reading, and fabulous blogging!


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  1. Oh my goodness, that is hysterical. I love that you were able to convince David to show his (obviously hilarious) personality in his blog. That's something I am trying to do - but also balancing that with the overall theme of my blog.

    Thanks for pointing this out -- my friends are going to laugh their butts off.