Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 hours left to enter Katie's iphone App contest - She scooped Ellen Hopkin's offer to the TX Teen Lit Festival, what will she scoop next?

Katie did a special podcast this week, featuring Ellen Hopkins and two of the authors who were also invited to a teen lit festival in Texas in January 2011. In short, Ellen - a New York Times bestselling author whose work shows teens making hard - and sometimes bad - choices and then having to face the consequences of those decisions - had been invited, and then dis-invited. Four of the other authors who had been scheduled to attend withdrew in support, but a few thought they should still attend.

Katie interviewed Ellen, and scooped the kid lit world by having Ellen saying that at this point, if her invitation were re-instated, she would attend the festival for free and pay her own way there!

The festival announced they're canceling the same week (also a Katie scoop) but could there be a chance Ellen's offer could tilt the balance on this and bring it back? Or is this just a lesson for the future...

You can hear the whole special episode podcast here.

And you can still enter our contest (4 hours 45 minutes left!) to win a free iphone app for Katie's podcast "Brain Burps About Books!"

The winner will be announced tomorrow!


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